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The mission toward sourcing and implementing sustainable energy sources has led to the rise of renewable energy technologies, such as wind, solar

In an era where sustainability and environmental consciousness are at the forefront of global conversations, the rise of solar power stands as

The future of renewable energy is promising, but infrastructure gaps are holding us back says the Financial Times on.ft.com/3vuxQ8N. According to recent statistics, the energy sector

A recent article from Utility Week sheds light on the critical issue of electricity losses in the UK, a topic often overlooked

Martin Beaumont, CEO, Electric Green, brings a wealth of experience, having navigated industries like healthcare and telecoms infrastructure. On Statzon’s InsightTech podcast,

Enertechnos is pleased to announce that it has joined currENT – the voice of Europe’s innovative grid technology companies – to aid

I was pleased to host a roundtable, in partnership with leading environmental think tank and charity Sustainability First, centred on energy efficiency

GWEC Global Wind Report 2022

GWEC’s Global Wind Report provides a thorough overview of the onshore and offshore wind market globally, using the latest data and providing

Further progress in Enertechnos’ drive to decarbonisation has taken us into the Central North Sea (CNS). Enertechnos has recently joined a consortium

Enertechnos Digital Digest – June

The Enertechnos Digital Digest is a monthly breakdown that summarises relevant news stories in the sector and what this means for Enertechnos.

Today, the Government’s independent advisory committee (CCC) has released a report detailing the risks and opportunities regarding climate action in the UK. Whilst the report includes extensive new

Enertechnos Digital Digest – May

The Enertechnos Digital Digest is a monthly breakdown that summarises relevant news stories in the sector and what this means for Enertechnos.

GWEC Global Wind Report 2021

Earlier today, the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) held a webinar alongside the release of their annual Global Wind Report, both are

On Wednesday, the government released its Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy on cutting CO2 emissions from industry, schools and hospitals. The strategy set out the

Adelpha’s Insights on Decarbonisation

Adelpha have put together a brilliant piece on decarbonisation that looks at perspectives of carbon pricing, technology, infrastructure, and external stimuli and

Bill Gates Breakthrough Energy Article

Bloomberg has reported on a new report from the Breakthrough Energy Sciences group in the US. Digging into the report there is

Recent and upcoming growth in renewables is going to create a boom in the companies that supply what is necessary to bring

Enertechnos has launched a new policy paper, revealing how large-scale energy wastage – to the tune of £1.5 billion a year –

Enertechnos has today responded to Ofgem’s consultation on the next RIIO-ED2 price control stressing the need for the regulator to ensure that

Enertechnos has today responded to the Department for Transport (DfT) consultation on EV charging in residential and non-residential buildings. As the DfT