Net Zero Policy Paper: The road to 2050

To reach the targets of the Paris Agreement, we must do our best to support the transition to net zero. As we emerge from the pandemic, the UK has a unique opportunity to make strides towards our 2050 target by placing low-carbon infrastructure at the heart of the Covid-19 recovery plan.

To reap the benefits of a low-carbon economy, we need to prepare our energy system for the inevitable increase in demand. If we look ahead, the electrification of heat and transport will place huge demands on electricity networks, placing new pressures on the grid. Failure to prepare could see networks unable to deliver power to where it is needed most. As more is demanded from the network, we must ensure that the UK’s cable infrastructure is fit for the 21st century to deliver the resilient and environmentally sustainable system we all want.

This paper sets out the challenge of losses facing the government and Ofgem. It offers insights into how the UK can deliver more power across the network to reap the benefits of a decarbonised economy.