CTS White Paper

Capacitive Transfer System: Powering decarbonisation delivery

Enertechnos developed a disruptive power delivery technology that marks the first fundamental change to power cable design and fabrication in decades. Called ‘Capacitive Transfer System’ (CTS), the innovative technology brings a solution to reduce losses in electrical power delivery between renewable generation and consumers.

CTS-enabled systems drive opportunities for the decarbonisation of industries and the transportation sectors. This is done by providing more effective charging of electric vehicles and powering airport infrastructure in the drive towards a net-zero world.

By tackling voltage drop between sending and receiving ends, an identically sized CTS cable can deliver more power further while reducing capital expenditure and operational costs.

Enertechnos has worked with key players in the energy industry to adopt CTS solutions that don’t demand extensive staff re-training or an upgrade of cable manufacturing infrastructure.

In five studies that include network applications, renewables integration, remote grids, wireless charging and airport electrification, we’ve analysed how CTS technology can demonstrate its unique ability to provide better and more cost-effective solutions for net-zero challenges.