The Team

Meet our internal team, main board and advisory board

Internal Team

Dominic has led the company and its team of engineers and business development managers since its foundation. In addition, he is responsible for corporate finance and governance.

Dominic Quennell

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Gareth is responsible for the research and development programme for the Capacitive Transfer System (CTS) and assisting the CEO with business development and fund raising.

Gareth O'Brien

Chief Operations Officer & Co-founder

Olga is responsible for financial leadership and treasury management, aligning business strategy and finance to grow the company. Her focus is strong compliance and control, data, and effective integration of systems.

Olga Kaliadka

Chief Financial Officer

Charles is responsible for programme management and optimisation of business cases. Charles has 40+ years of design, contracting, consulting and operator experience in the energy sector.

Charles Lucas-Clements

Business Development Director

Mansour invented the CTS cable in its present form. As Chief Engineer he provides leadership on research, electrical design and product development.

Dr Mansour Salehi-Moghadam

Chief Engineer

Hafiz is responsible for taking our products to market from research and development stage through to commercialisation. Hafiz works closely with the R&D department to ensure project accuracy and quality.

Hafiz Milhan

Product Development Manager

Ashkan is involved in the research, design, development and testing of CTS based applications and products. This includes conceptualisation, modelling, simulation, product development, testing and analyses.

Ashkan D Hajiloo

Senior Electrical Research Engineer

Lwandile designs bespoke systems for testing and works on product development. This includes detailed preparation of detailed engineering drawings and product quality.

Lwandile Ndlwana

Electrical Research Engineer

Owen is responsible for managing and executing electrical design modelling and power system analysis, simulating engineering solutions using industry and best practice standards.

Owen Johnson

Electrical Modelling Engineer

Evangelos works in the R&D team, in charge of product design, manufacturing, and testing. He also serves as the Health, Safety, and Environment Coordinator.

Evangelos Charakopoulos

Electrical Research Engineer

Sebastian is responsible for supporting the Research and Development (R&D) and New Product Development (NPD) departments, helping with the analysis and development of CTS applications.

Sebastian Amedick

Research Engineer

Edward is responsible for supporting the Research and Development (R&D) and New Product Development (NPD) departments with distribution cable testing.

Edward Mair

Research Engineer

Isobel is responsible for the curation and dissemination of content both internally and externally.

Isobel Arrowsmith

Head of Marketing

Mukta oversees administrative function within the company. She is also responsible for sustainable recruitment, learning and development, health and safety and wellbeing of employees.

Mukta Bhatt

Human Resources Manager

Karl is responsible for managing the research and development team, making sure design target agreements are implemented and satisfied while also looking to explore, improve and adapt implementations of the technology over a range of innovative products.

Karl De Jong

Head of Research and Development

Electric Green

Martin is the Chief Executive of Electric Green, an Enertechnos Group company, focusing on wireless EV charging. His experience covers the investment, commercialisation and management of new innovations and technologies.

Martin Beaumont

Chief Executive Officer of Electric Green

Dorian is responsible for research & development of the Electric Green CTS-based wireless EV charging system, and technical/product strategy therein.

Dorian Vargas-Reighley

Chief Technology Officer of Electric Green

Claire is the Director of Technology & Innovation at Octopus Electric Vehicles. Claire’s background is in engineering and consultancy (PA) prior to Octopus where she led the V2G trial ‘Powerloop’. She is a regular speaker at industry events and has great insight into EV charging trends and opportunities.

Claire Miller

Board Advisor of Electric Green

Main Board

Mark serves as Chairman of the Board and supervises all corporate governance for the Company. As a leading expert in international patent law, he advises the Company on its intellectual property strategy.

Mark Hardy

Chairman of the Main Board

Charl’s is responsible for leading negotiations with Distribution Network Operators, regulators and government bodies.

Charl Oosthuizen

Main Board Director

Advisory Board

Donald advises on building commercial relationships with European operators of renewable energy generation and distribution networks.

Dr Donald Weir

Advisory Board Member

Nick’s role at Enertechnos is to help to develop strategies and tactics to engage with leading developers of renewable energy.

Dr Nick Goddard

Advisory Board Member

Harry is a former Chief Executive of Rio Tinto Energy. His role at the company is to make introductions to his extensive contacts in the mining sector. Mining is one of the world’s largest industrial users of low and medium voltage electric cable.

Harry Kenyon-Slaney

Advisory Board Member

Andrew is a qualified Chartered Accountant with 25 years of experience advising on M&A and capital-raising transactions in the renewable energy and wider utilities and infrastructure sectors. Andrew’s role at Enertechnos is to leverage his extensive contacts in the renewable energy sector and in the DNOs to introduce new business opportunities. For example, it was he that made the initial introduction at Board level in Western Power Distribution.

Andrew Donovan

Advisory Board Member

Ross is the former Director of The Gerrard Group and is particularly familiar with corporate finance. Ross' role at Enertechnos is advising on corporate finance.

Ross Jones

Advisory Board Member

Jim’s role at Enertechnos is to develop strategies for engagement with renewable energy generators. His experience in financing clean energy projects has given Enertechnos opportunities for high-level engagement with industry sector leaders.

Jim Barry

Advisory Board Member