Enertechnos and Sustainability First host roundtable discussion on energy efficiency in the grid: what needs to happen next to tackle electricity losses? 

I was pleased to host a roundtable, in partnership with leading environmental think tank and charity Sustainability First, centred on energy efficiency in the grid and what needs to happen next to tackle electricity losses. 

We were delighted to welcome representatives from BEIS, Ofgem, the DNOs, Parliament, and across the wider industry for a lively discussion, characterised by innovative ideas and a thirst for change. 

There was a broad consensus on the importance of losses, particularly at a time when the sector is focused on delivering against the UK’s net zero ambitions and readying the grid for increased electrification. It was also mentioned that we need that we need to look ahead to ensure we’re ready to embrace wind power and the overall transition to renewable energy. 

It was great to hear further insight into the technicalities behind losses, and how having a greater understanding can result in a wider range of solutions, that require different levels of investment. The importance of monitoring was reinforced throughout, to spot exactly where losses are taking place and what options there are to reduce them. 

It was widely agreed that the sector should be more ambitious in its approach towards losses, especially when grid efficiency, clean growth and energy security are so high up on the government’s agenda. The first step is being able to have open and honest conversations with relevant stakeholders and I’m delighted with the commitment to progress that was facilitated through the roundtable. I thoroughly look forward to the changes to come as we embrace the transition to net zero. 

I’d like to extend a warm thanks to those that attended for their insightful contributions, as well as to our friends at Sustainability First for co-hosting the event with us.  Find out more about our work in wind energy here and about our work in solar energy here.

– Dominic Quennell