Unveiling E-Mobility Market Trends: Electric Green & Statzon

Martin Beaumont, CEO, Electric Green, brings a wealth of experience, having navigated industries like healthcare and telecoms infrastructure. On Statzon’s InsightTech podcast, Martin discusses Electric Green’s journey in the e-mobility sector, emphasising its innovative inductive charging solutions enabling wireless vehicle charging.

Unpacking the Capacitive Transfer System (CTS) Technology

The podcast unravels Electric Green’s application of the revolutionary Capacitive Transfer System (CTS). This innovative technology redefines power transmission by efficiently transmitting high-frequency power over extended distances with minimal voltage drop.

Wireless Charging: Beyond the Buzzwords

Martin deep dives into the transformative potential of wireless charging. He addresses its implications for consumer behaviour, fleet operations and broader business strategies. The episode highlights Electric Green’s tactics to lower infrastructure costs, penetrate markets, and showcase the numerous advantages to OEMs and consumers.

Challenges, Opportunities and the Road Ahead

The session provides insights into the challenges and opportunities that Electric Green encounters in promoting wireless charging. The discussion spans several topics, including the pivotal role wireless charging plays in advancing electric vehicle adoption, especially in autonomous vehicle operations.

Navigating Industry Standards and Interoperability

The episode explores the current landscape of evolving standards and interoperability in wireless charging, dissecting the hurdles the industry faces. The interview also explores how Electric Green envisions overcoming these challenges to facilitate seamless integration and consumer usability.

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