Sir Ed Davey MP visits Enertechnos

Enertechnos, the Kingston based start-up holding the solutions to some of the most pressing challenges facing the UK’s energy industry, hosted local MP and former Energy Secretary, the Rt Hon Sir Ed Davey MP on Friday (22nd September).

Enertechnos is a high-tech innovative company dedicated to enabling ‘better electricity’ by reducing electrical losses in the energy system through its pioneering cable – the Capacitive Transfer System (CTS).

The CTS has been proven to dramatically reduce electrical losses during energy distribution when compared to traditional cables, and deliver more electricity to homes and businesses. The UK currently loses approximately 7.5% of energy generated during transmission and distribution – one of the highest rates in the European Union.

Sir Ed was given a tour of Enertechnos’ lab and a first-hand demonstration of the CTS’ ability to reduce electrical losses, as the team prepare for the launch of the first trial of the CTS in the UK.

Set up four years ago by Dominic Quennell and Gareth O’Brien, Enertechnos has grown rapidly. The company also launched a competition in August to raise up to £5m to take the CTS through type certification and real-world testing.  Enertechnos expects to bring the product to market in 2018.

The Government recently set out plans for make the UK’s energy system more flexible and smarter. It also announced that all new diesel and petrol cars will be banned from 2040, paving the way for a huge increase in electric cars on Britain’s roads. Through delivering electricity more efficiently to where it’s needed, Enertechnos’ cable could play a key role in modernising the grid so it’s able to cope and adapt to these changes.

Rt Hon Sir Ed Davey MP said:

“I was very impressed with Enertechnos and their pioneering CTS, which has genuine potential to transform the UK’s future energy network.

“With our energy system rapidly evolving, and consumers and business facing increasingly high energy bills, the Government must start investing in innovative technologies that improve the efficiency of our energy network. I couldn’t be more proud that such ground-breaking innovation is happening right here in Kingston.”

Dominic Quennell, Chief Executive of Enertechnos, commented:

“We were delighted to welcome Sir Ed to our lab and give him a demonstration of our CTS, which we expect to play a critical role in developing a robust and efficient electricity distribution network.

“The UK’s outdated electricity infrastructure is in need of an urgent upgrade, and the effects of this are being felt in the pockets of consumers and businesses up and down the country.

“Enertechnos is excited to be developing a pioneering technology ready to address this imminent requirement.”