Enertechnos releases CTS test data

Enertechnos today released the first company internal data from its latest tests conducted on 10th August, 2017. The Capacitive Transfer System (“CTS”) cable was compared with a conventional cable with a similar cross-sectional area of copper conductor. The CTS has a cross-sectional area of 280mm2 and the conventional cable is slightly larger at 300mm2, which favours the conventional cable. The CTS cable nonetheless delivered over 11% more power from the same power source than the conventional cable.

In the context of system losses of circa 8% in UK transmission and distribution (according to the latest BEIS Digest of UK Energy Statistics report) this is a significant achievement. Further testing is ongoing and results will be released in due course.

These test results come at a crucial time as Deiter Helm, Professor of Energy Policy at the University of Oxford, has been asked by the Government to conduct a review of the cost of energy in the UK. This will undoubtedly uncover the underlying economic and environmental cost of our current inefficient transmission and distribution network. The tests reinforce the potential that CTS has to provide a compelling solution to this.