Press Release – Enertechnos awarded £1m Innovate UK boost

Enertechnos, a promising energy start-up with potential to help address some of the most pressing challenges facing the UK’s energy network and reduce infrastructure project costs in several major industries, has been boosted by a £1 million grant by Innovate UK.

Enertechnos is a high-tech innovative company dedicated to enabling ‘better electricity’ by reducing electrical losses in the energy system through its pioneering cable – the Capacitive Transfer System (CTS).

The CTS has been proven to dramatically reduce electrical losses during energy distribution when compared to traditional cables, and deliver more electricity to homes and businesses. The UK currently loses approximately 7.5% of energy generated during transmission and distribution – one of the highest rates in the European Union.

In partnership with Brunel University, Eland Cables and TWI, Enertechnos will use the funding from Innovate UK’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund to continue development of the innovative cable and test jointing processes. The announcement of the grant funding comes during a funding competition launched by Enertechnos in August to raise £5 million to take the CTS through beta testing and type licensing.

Enertechnos is currently working to finalise type III of the CTS cable. The company is in the process of building bespoke equipment that will test the cable using a 10 KHz power supply unit. The cable is due to be formally tested by DNV GL in Q4 2017.

Enertechnos is working with Brunel University to create a software simulation programme, which will test the CTS on a simulated grid network. Eland Cables will build the cable for the test and TWI will be developing the jointing techniques needed for CTS to be utilised in the UK and worldwide. This will allow a seamless progression from existing cable technology to the CTS.

Enertechnos will receive £508,000 of the funding awarded by Innovate UK, with its partners sharing the remainder of the funding.

Dominic Quennell, Chief Executive of Enertechnos, commented:

“From the outset Enertechnos has sought to innovate in the energy sector. The Capacitive Transfer System will significantly reduce electrical losses and help deliver more electricity to where it is needed.

“We expect CTS to play a key role in ensuring that the UK’s energy infrastructure meets demand in the future and we welcome the funding from Innovate UK’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

“We look forward to working with our partners, Brunel University, Eland Cables and TWI, to develop CTS further in the coming months.”