Enertechnos to present at Cleantech Innovate finals

Enertechnos has been chosen as a finalist in the 2016 Cleantech Innovate showcase in February

Chosen from 163 applications, Enertechnos is one of 36 finalists that will present at the Cleantech Innovate London showcase celebrating the very best of green industry innovation on 11 February at the Royal Institution, Mayfair.

Enertechnos will present Capacitive Transfer System (CTS) a patented technology in development that is expected to reduce losses in transmission and distribution of energy from the point of generation to the point of use. Current electric power losses are at a global average of 10.6% (appendix 1), 8.7% in North America and 7.2% in Western Europe. CTS’s low losses allow it to transmit electric power over much greater distances than conventional cables, at generated voltages, eliminating the need for transmission transformers. It therefore combines the virtues of higher levels of transmission efficiency with lower capital cost.

Some key benefits of CTS include:

  • If less power is lost in transmission, less needs to be generated, which means less cost and fewer CO2 emissions
  • If less power is lost in transmission through heat and electro-magnetic emissions, then power cables no longer need to be routed along overhead pylons to keep them away from people and livestock
  • Massive ‘win-back’ of real estate using narrower rights of way
  • Aesthetic – over time, overhead pylons can be removed from the countryside
  • Enables much longer runs of cable – increasing utility of solar farms by extending their day

The global power cable and wire element of the electrical power transmission and distribution market is estimated to be worth approximately €41 billion in 2014 (Source: NRG Expert, Electricity T&D White Paper 2013) and the CTS will benefit this market in terms of reduced capital costs.

The event is organised by ecoConnect CIC, the UK’s green industry business network, which connects individuals and companies working in the low carbon sector by providing essential links to investment, business support and industry expertise.

Why Cleantech Matters

Cleantech is the UK’s most dynamic and growing sector, worth over £120 billion and one area of the economy expected to maintain positive growth rates for the future. It is a key employment sector, with almost 1 million people currently employed.