Michael Partridge

Electrical Engineer - Grid Support

Michael is a highly qualified and hugely experienced electrical engineer with 35 years’ experience in the field. As well as his electrical engineering qualifications, Michael also has an MBA which he passed with a distinction for this dissertation ‘Analysing Power Failures and Integrated Corporate Strategy on Team Effectiveness’.

Michael has worked on a global basis, trouble-shooting existing power grid installations. His recent work includes projects in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Scotland, Iraq, South Africa and England.

His qualifications include:

MBA – Management College of Southern Africa

Certificate of Management (Cum Laude) – Management College of Southern Africa

Certified Engineer – Engineering Council of South Africa

Electrical Engineer Certificate of Competency – GCC Electrical Engineering

Master Installation Electrician – Durban Technical College

National Technical Diploma – East London Technical College

His role at Enertechnos is to bring his vast practical experience to the application of designing CTS-enabled grids for and wit distribution network operators. His deep knowledge of how projects must be designed for long-term reliability and of the documentation of installation and field service processes in invaluable as the Company engages with commercial partners.