Dr Mansour Salehi-Moghadam

Senior Electrical Engineer

Reporting to the COO, the role is to provide leadership and manage all aspects of electrical design for the company, delivering corporate and operational objectives. The over-arching requirement is to inspire and manage electrical engineering product design and to research, develop and evaluate new electrical cable concepts. This includes: measurement and recording of data from test materials; comparison of performance of new design with conventional design; management of electrical engineering through design inception, manufacturing process regulatory submission and approvals and technical support post certification.

Maintenance of awareness of international regulatory test standards including ASTM, SAE, ASME, IEC, IEEE, UL, CSA, CE, ISO, FCC etc. is required.

Responsibilities include: creative design of new electrical transmission and distribution cable with as primary objectives:

Low electrical losses

Low voltage drop

Capacitance and reactance management and stabilisation

Other key requirements include:

Creative design of other electrical devices leveraging the Company’s intellectual property portfolio as required

Development of quality specifications for inspection and testing manufactured based on electrical engineering and regulatory standards

Creation, review, development, modification and release technical documentation including drawings, schematics, bills of materials, quality procedures and validation protocols

Management of development, prototyping and initial production of electrical products

Routine communication of complex technical details of products with manufacturing partners, testing and regulatory agencies and customers

Management of project deadlines for type approval, including sample submission, production drawings, technical support collaterals

Co-ordination of product sample submission for regulatory agencies

Mansour joined the Enertechnos team while completing his PhD in Electrical Engineering at Brunel University.

Education and qualifications:

PhD in power electronics (Brunel University, UK) 2012 – 2016

MSc in Energy and Sustainability with Electrical Power Engineering (Southampton University, UK) 2010 – 2011

BSc in electrical and electronic engineering (Brunel University, UK) 2007 – 2010