Dominic Quennell

Chief Executive Officer

Enertechnos is dedicated to developing and commercialising solutions designed to increase efficiencies in power transmission and distribution in a $90bn per year global business opportunity. Cleaner energy reduces CO2 emissions on a global scale which is the core objective of everything that Enertechnos does. Dominic has led the company and its team of engineers and business development managers since its foundation.

Duties involve setting and monitoring strategic objectives, team recruitment (including the Advisory Board), ensuring corporate government requirements are met, capital-raising, leading commercial discussions with potential manufacturing partners and end-users, managing relations with government departments, regulators and influencers internationally. Achievements include raising a total of €7.5 million in capital from investors, leading the team to the development of a cable for the electrical grid distribution sector with proven performance of lower losses than conventional cable, managing the company’s portfolio of other inventions, establishing relationship with a leading distribution network operator for the first beta-test site of the company’s first cable product and establishing relations with international cable manufacturers.

Managing Director
Capacitive Technologies Limited 2012 –2014

Managing Director of Capacitive Technologies Ltd (CTL), the precursor to Enertechnos. CTL was folded into the Enertechnos group of companies as part of a restructuring in late 2014. Focused on developing and executing strategy to build a business around the concept of lower-loss cable, including engagement with potential investors, manufacturers, end-users.

Founding Director
Quennell Associates 2007 -2012

Ran Quennell Associates, providing consulting and interim management for a number of clients including Hewlett-Packard (USA and Israel), Xerox Corporation (USA), CP Bourg S.A. (Belgium – interim sales/marketing director Jan 2011 – Dec 2012), FKS (Germany), Challenge Machinery (USA), Morgana (UK)  and Duplo Corporation (Japan).

Vice President Global Marketing
Duplo Corporation (Japan) 2001 – 2006

Based in Tokyo, created and led new global marketing team for specialised high-tech printing equipment. Led product development team including new product engineering, led international sales and marketing team, developed sales through third party vendor partners including Hewlett Packard, Xerox Corporation, Canon-Océ, IBM, Heidelberg, Kodak. During the period was responsible for new product development, manufacturing and sales which grew Duplo’s global sales revenues from US$100 million to US$200 million.

Marketing Director then CEO
International sales division at Duplo International, EMEA distributor for Duplo Corporation, Japan.

Grew business from start-up to having distribution channels through distributors in forty-five+ countries. Led the company’s activities in being part of the disruption and transformation of the printing machinery industry from analogue to digital technology.