Enertechnos hailed as clean-tech industry leader

UK cable innovator Enertechnos was recently recognised as a leader in clean technology and sustainable solution deployment at the Rushlight Awards. Enertechnos was awarded the prestigious Energy Environmental Award for their Capacitive Transfer System – the CTS – which promises to revolutionise the way we transport power.

Recognised for its contribution to protecting the environment, the CTS is a ground-breaking technology which reduces unnecessary carbon emissions from waste and losses in the energy system and maximises the output of renewable sources such as wind and solar.

Losses in the energy system total 1.5 per cent of the UK’s total carbon emissions and make up enough energy to power a shocking seven million homes. With the UK’s energy system still reliant on fossil fuels, making up for losses through increased generation causes unnecessary carbon emissions. By balancing reactance and capacitance, the CTS has been proven to have lower voltage drop, delivering more power from source to endpoint, thereby reducing emissions.

The CTS also tackles the problem of intermittency in renewables. The resistance in current cables means when wind and solar levels are low, there is not enough power produced to travel along the cables. Lower resistance and impedance in the CTS overcome this challenge and has the potential to increase the output of an offshore windfarm by more than 50 per cent.

Dominic Quennell, Managing Director of Enertechnos, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to be recognised at the Rushlight Awards and receive this award which recognises the environmental benefits of the CTS. This is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our engineers who continue to push the boundaries by tackling waste and losses in energy – problems which were once seen as an inevitable part of transporting energy.”