Enertechnos joins consortium with Orcadian Energy: Our Take

Further progress in Enertechnos’ drive to decarbonisation has taken us into the Central North Sea (CNS). Enertechnos has recently joined a consortium and are supporting Orcadian Energy in evaluating innovative and cost-effective solutions for the Oil and Gas Authority on electrifying the Central North Sea and accelerating the transition to Net Zero. Now we’d like to tell you a little more about this and why the project is so exciting for us.

For the last 7 years, Enertechnos has been working on highly efficient distribution of electricity within the grid. We are now very excited to leverage our innovative CTS technology for our next project with submarine cables. The electrification of oil and gas platforms has been discussed for 30+ years but never come to fruition. However, because of the properties of its cable, Enertechnos is uniquely positioned to help deliver decarbonised power.

Our patented CTS cable is more efficient in the distribution of power and is a potential game-changer in delivering decarbonisation in the grid for this project. Read more about our CTS technology and how it works.

Not only is this project both exciting and necessary in the shift to net zero but also opens a whole new area for potential expansion. The Orcadian project will investigate the use of floating offshore wind installations within the Central North Sea, which is becoming more of a focus when it comes to offshore wind. Certainly, what will work in the Central North Sea will work elsewhere in the world, meaning the solutions examined in investigating decarbonisation of the Central North Sea will be applied and aid the global effort in the transition towards net zero.