Cable makers and a clean energy boom, Financial Times

Recent and upcoming growth in renewables is going to create a boom in the companies that supply what is necessary to bring to power to consumers. Speaking to this theme is a Financial Times article by Leslie Hook, completely supporting what we have been saying for a long while.

The numbers in the article are certainly encouraging but does not tell the whole story. What we find particularly exciting is what is happening further afield. For example, Japan, which has virtually no offshore wind at present, has not only committed to net zero carbon by 2050 but as part of that commitment is installing 45GW of offshore wind by 2040.

Global growth in offshore wind is to reach 2050 targets is striking. The below figures are from the Global Wind Energy Council:

The proportion of floating offshore wind is forecast to grow strongly from the second half of this decade onwards.

Enertechnos’ Capacitive Transfer System offers many technical advantages as export cable from both floating and fixed-base turbines. Aside from the lower losses, there are benefits in increased capacity, reactive support and harmonic filtration.