Charl Oosthuizen

Main Board Director

Charl Oosthuizen joined the Board of Directors of Enertechnos in October 2019 following a long career in the power and utility sector. For eighteen years Charl was Chief Financial Officer of first South Western Electricity (SWEB), which became Western Power Distribution (WPD) in 1999, the largest of all of the electricity distribution network operators in the United Kingdom. His experience of all regulatory matters and his deep knowledge of the finances of distribution network operators everywhere is of huge value to the Company. WPD delivers power to 6.9 million customers over an area of 55,500 sq. km and has 135,000 km of underground cable. WOD’s revenues for 2018 were €1.89 billion.

During his time with SWEB (WPD since 1999) as well as the usual FD duties, Charl was closely involved with four Ofgem Price Reviews as well as the flotation of National Grid, the defence against the hostile bid by Southern Company, the sale of the SWEB supply business, the hostile and competitive acquisition of Hyder plc and its subsequent breakup, and the acquisition of Central Networks.

Charl’s role at Enertechnos is to lead negotiations with Distribution Network Operators, regulators and government bodies. He maintains close links with the DNO industry and his status as former CEO of the largest of them is hugely helpful in reaching directly to key decision makers in the industry not just in the UK but also in Europe and the US.